Will Sanders

With a diverse body of work, Will Sander’s photography is epitomised by colour, style and an unconventional humour that unites both staged and spontaneous moments. In a moment where photography is consumed swiftly and in high quantity, Sander’s work demands a pause and second thought to observe and question his frequent play on fiction and narrative details in frame. When shooting personal work in a new environment he exploits feelings of alienation and disconnect in-turn cultivating an important element to his practice, a distinct feeling of weirdness. 

As a prolific image maker who shoots by compulsion over necessity, his work has an unmistakable style and consistency that transcends his commercial, fashion and editorial commissions. His editorial commissions span W, The New York Times, BJP and WSJ to name but a few and recent clients include VW, Vespa, Barclays and Google. His work has also been exhibited at Les Rencontres d’Arles.